Preliminary Program

MONDAY, 29 August
9.00 Opening - Welcome 1
9.10 Welcome 2
9.20 Welcome 3
10.10 Coffee Break
11.10 Plenary session 3 THE HISTORY OF JURASSIC STUDIES IN HUNGARY - András Galácz, Attila Vörös
11.50 Plenary session 4 MESOZOIC EVOLUTION OF THE PANNONIAN REGION - László Fodor, János Haas
12.30 Lunch
  The Toarcian OAE a.k.a. Jenkyns event (IGCP 655) - PANORAMA Chair: Matías Reolid, Luís Duarte, Angela Coe Jurassic sedimentary basins and geodynamics - MERCURE Chair: Hans-Jürgen Gawlick, Boštjan Rožič
14.00 Assessing the Effect of Hiatal Surfaces on Our Understanding of the Pliensbachian/Toarcian Boundary Event Stéphane Bodin, Alicia Fantasia, Bjarke Nebsbjerg, Lasse Christiansen, Francois Nicolas Krencker Adria Plate Middle-Late Jurassic Reconstruction Through Balanced and Restored Crustal Cross-sections Estefanía Bravo-Gutiérrez, Jaume Vergés, Ivone Jiménez-Munt, Montserrat Torne, Wentao Zhang, Daniel García-Castellanos, Ana Negredo, Eugenio Carminati  
14.20 Stratigraphic Changes in Shell Size of the Bivalve Harpax Spinosus during the Late Pliensbachian and Early Toarcian Adam Tomašových, Luís Vítor Duarte, Tamás Müller, Ján Schlögl The First Stage from The Gulf Of Mexico Evolution Was a Proto-Hispanic Corridor (Late Triassic-Pliensbachian) as a Product of a Hot Spot With Triple Junction Jaime Rueda-Gaxiola
14.40 Stratigraphic Constraints on the Lower Toarcian Strata of the Las Overas Section, Northern Neuquén Basin, Argentina Marisa S. Storm, Stephen P. Hesselbo, Hugh C. Jenkyns, Micha Ruhl, Aisha H. Al-suwaidi, Daniel J. Condon, Lawrence M.E. Percival Susana E. Damborenea, Miguel O. Manceñido, Alberto C. Riccardi The Second Stage from the Gulf of Mexico Evolution Was the Hispanic Corridor (Bajocian-Tithonian) as a Product of the Hot Spot with Triple Junction Jaime Rueda-Gaxiola
15.00 Extinction Induced Changes to Moroccan Reef Ecology in the Early Jurassic Travis Stone, Rowan Martindale, Tanner Fonville, Raphaël Vasseur, Bernard Lathuiliere New Perspectives on Opalinus Clay Facies Descriptions Based On Drill Cores from Central Northern Switzerland Geraldine Zimmerli, Bruno Lauper, Gaudenz Deplazes, David Jaeggi, Stephan Wohlwend, Anneleen Foubert
15.20 Coffee Break
    Jurassic Marine Life, Paleoecology and Taphonomy - MERCURE Chair: Atsushi Matsuoka, Adam Tomašovýc
15.50 New Insights into Calcareous Nannoplankton Responses to the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event Sam M. Slater, Paul Bown, Richard J. Twitchett, Silvia Danise, Vivi Vajda Brachiopod Geochemistry and Shell Structures Help Constrain Palaeoecology and Phylogeny Clemens V. Ullmann, Richard Boyle, Luis V. Duarte, Stephen P. Hesselbo, Simone A. Kasemann, Tina Klein, Tim M. Lenton, Veronica Piazza, Martin Aberhan  
16.10 Level-bottom Macrofaunal Community Structure in the Early Jurassic of Morocco Sinjini Sinha, Rowan C. Martindale, Crispin T.S. Little, Travis N. Stone, Tanner Fonville, Stéphane Bodin, Lahcen Kabiri Pelagic vs. Neritic Foraminiferal Fauna Change During the Upper Pliensbachian – Upper Toarcian, Caused By Environmental Perturbations Gábor Zsiborás, Ágnes Görög
16.30 Assemblages of Trace Fossils Documenting Early Recovery after the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event (Western Carpathians, Slovakia) Vladimír Šimo, Adam Tomašových, Ján Schlögl
16.50 Rift-associated Deep-water Archaea in Black Shales of the Toarcian Manganese Deposit at Úrkút, Hungary Lorenz Schwark, Márta Polgári, Thorsten Bauersachs, Wolfgang Ruebsam
17.10 Vegetation Response to an Early Jurassic Climate Change and Environmental Perturbation Viktória Baranyi, Xin Jin, Zhiqiang Shi, Binbing Li, David B. Kemp, Jacopo Dal Corso, Nereo Preto
  TUESDAY, 30 August
  The Toarcian OAE a.k.a. Jenkyns event (IGCP 655) - PANORAMA Chair: Matías Reolid, Luís Duarte, Angela Coe Jurassic Marine Life, Paleoecology and Taphonomy - MERCURE Chair: Atsushi Matsuoka, Adam Tomašových
9.00 IMPACT OF THE JENKYNS EVENT (EARLY TOARCIAN) ON DINOSAUR ASSEMBLAGES Matías Reolid, Wolfgang Ruebsam, Michael Benton Aalenian Protoglobigerinids from the Ammonitico Rosso Facies of Gerecse and Bakony Mts., Hungary Ágnes Görög, Gábor Zsiborás
9.20 The Early Toarcian Calcification Crisis: Our Knowledge So Far Tamás Müller Taxonomic And Taphonomic Remarks on The Oxfordian Ammonites from Monte Barbaro (Western Sicily, Italy) Carolina D’Arpa, Pietro Di Stefano
9.40 New Geochemical Records of the Pliensbachian-Toarcian Climate Changes Near the North Pole Thomas Letulle, Guillaume Suan, Mikhail Rogov, Oleg Lutikov, Alexei Ippolitov, Mathieu Daëron, Arnauld Vinçon-Laugier, Christophe Lécuyer Jurassic Sealife Preserved in the Nusplingen Fossil Lagerstätte (Upper Kimmeridgian, SW Germany) Günter Schweigert, Erin Maxwell
    Western Tethys meets Eastern Tethys (IGCP 710) - MERCURE Chair: Michał Krobicki, Ender Sarifakioglu
10.00 Synonymous Use of T-OAE and T-CIE? Spatiotemporal Variability in Organic Carbon Isotope Signature and Organic Matter Accumulation During the Early Toarcian Wolfgang Ruebsam,Lorenz Schwark Significance of the Ankara Mélange: An Ancient Subduction-Accretion Complex of the Northern Neotethys, Turkey Ender Sarifakioglu
10.20 Coffee Break
10.50 LIP Volcanism as a Driver of the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event (T-OAE) Thomas Gibson, Sev Kender, Stephen Hesselbo Ultrastructure and Composition of Calpionellids in the Upper Jurassic And Lower Cretaceous Pelagic Deposits Diana Ölveczká, Adam Tomašových
11.10 Fossil Leaf Mercury (Hg) Analyses Provides Insight on Early Jurassic Atmospheric Concentrations and LIP Volcanism Emma Blanka Kovács, Micha Ruhl, Jennifer McElwain Syn-rift Origin of the Bajocian Submarine Swell (Czorsztyn Ridge) Within Carpathian Basins Michał Krobicki
11.30 Reduced Plate Motion Controlled Timing of Early Jurassic Karoo-Ferrar Large Igneous Province Volcanism Micha Ruhl, Stephen P. Hesselbo, Hugh C. Jenkyns, Weimu Xu, Ricardo L. Silva, Kara J. Matthews, Tamsin A. Mather, Conall Mac Niocaill, James B. Riding How Far to the West Was the Slovenian Basin Extending? Boštjan Rožič, Jan Udovè, Petra Žvab Rožiè, Luka Gale, David Gerèar
11.50 Early Jurassic LIP Magmatism and Environmental Change Isabel M. Fendley, Joost Frieling, Oliver Neilson, Micha Ruhl, Tamsin A. Mather, Stuart A. Robinson, Hugh C. Jenkyns Middle-Late Jurassic Geodynamic Evolution of The Western Tethys Realm as Deduced from Sedimentary Mélange Analysis in Trench-Like Basins Formed in front of Obducting Ophiolites Hans-Jürgen Gawlick
12.10 Applications of Large Multi-proxy Data Sets to Assess the Temporal Relationship between Karoo and Ferrar Large Igneous Province Activity and Lower Jurassic (Toarcian) Environmental Perturbations Aisha Al Suwaidi, Micha Ruhl, Cameron Mercer Mangroves Killed by Storms – Pliensbachian/Early Toarcian Record of Nearshore Tethyan Palaeoenvironments in the Albanian Alps Michał Krobicki, Jolanta Iwańczuk, Maria Barbacka, Bardhyl Muceku
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Carbon-isotopes and Calcareous Nannofossils, Clues for Early Jurassic Marine Palaeoenvironments in the Neuquén Basin Micaela Chaumeil-Rodríguez, Juan Pablo Pérez-Panera, Jorge E. Spangenberg, Alejandro R. Gómez-Dacal, Guillaume Suan, Emanuela Mattioli Late Jurassic Foraminiferal Plankton in the Northern Tethys: New Data from the Polish Outer Carpathians Andrzej Szydło
14.20 Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event in Western Tethys: The Sogno Core Pelagic Record (Lombardy Basin, Northern Italy) Gabriele Gambacorta, Hans Juergen Brumsack, Bernhard Schnetger, Elisabetta Erba NEW EVIDENCES FROM MIDDLE JURASSIC CONTINENTAL STRATA OF TUNISIA, FRANCE AND MOROCCO CHALLENGE PREVIOUS PALAEOBIOGEOGRAPHIC THOUGH RELATED TO THE PANGEA BREAKUP Khaled Trabelsi, Benjamin Sames, Michael Wagreich
    Jurassic climate and sea level - MERCURE Chair: Grzegorz Pieńkowski, Gregory Price
14.40 Tracing the Aftermath of the Hyperthermal Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event: A Multiproxy Study Alicia Fantasia, Thierry Adatte, Jorge E. Spangenberg, Emanuela Mattioli, Romain Millot, Jérémie Melleton, Christian Salazar, Stéphane Bodin, Guillaume Suan Aalenian–Bajocian Eustatic Sea-level Fluctuations: New Insight from the Central High Atlas Basin, Morocco Stéphane Bodin, Julien Talon, Simon Andrieu, Malte Mau, Jan Danisch, Francois-Nicolas Krencker, Lahcen Kabiri
15.00 The Effects Of Early Jurassic (Pliensbachian–Toarcian) Warming Episodes on the Composition and Thermal Structure of Benthic Marine Macroinvertebrate Communities Carl Reddin, Jan Landwehrs, Georg Feulner, Erin Saupe, Clemens Ullmann, Martin Aberhan Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture of the Middle and Upper Jurassic of the Arabian Plate Frans van Buchem, Chris Gravestock, Mike Simmons, Roger Davies
15.20 Coffee break
15.50 Poster sessions
18.00 Public lecture
THURSDAY, 1 September  
  The Toarcian OAE a.k.a. Jenkyns event (IGCP 655) - PANORAMA Chair: Matías Reolid, Luís Duarte, Angela Coe Integrated stratigraphy of the Jurassic - MERCURE Chair: Angela Coe, David Kemp
9.00 Early-stage Ore Forming Process of the Úrkút and Eplény Manganese Ore Deposits (Hungary) Máté Zs. Leskó, Boglárka A. Topa, Richárd Z. Papp, Ferenc Kristály, Ferenc Móricz, Tamás G. Weiszburg, József Pálfy, Norbert Zajzon Re-Os Dating of Jurassic Strata: Achievements, Challenges and Future Directions Svetoslav V. Georgiev, Holly J. Stein, Judith L. Hannah
9.20 Ore-forming Processes on Micrometre-scale in the Úrkút Manganese Ore Deposit, Hungary Boglárka Anna Topa, Norbert Zajzon, Máté Zs. Leskó, Tamás G. Weiszburg Cyclostratigraphy and Astrochronology of the Lacustrine to Paralic Mecsek Coal Formation (Southwest Hungary) Zsolt Vallner, József Pálfy
  The Triassic-Jurassic boundary and other events in the Jurassic - PANORAMA Chair: Pierre Pellenard, Micha Ruhl  
9.40 Major Vegetation Turnover Across The Triassic-jurassic Boundary of Sweden Vivi Vajda, Sam Slater, Jungang Peng, Ashley Kruger Integrated Stratigraphy of the Hettangian-Sinemurian (Lower Jurassic) in the Tata Geological Garden (Transdanubian Range, Hungary) Dorottya Dénes, Zsolt Vallner, Attila Demény, Zsófia Kovács, József Pálfy
10.00 Geochemical Evidence from the Mt. Sparagio Section, Sicily, Italy: A Continous Peritidal Succession Across the Triassic/Jurassic Boundary Simona Todaro, Manuel Rigo, Pietro Di Stefano The Sinemurian Shallow-Water Carbonates in the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal): an Integrated Stratigraphic Analysis Luís V. Duarte, Ricardo L. Silva, Ana C. Azerêdo, María J. Comas-Rengifo, João G. Mendonça Filho
10.20 Coffee Break
10.50 Multiproxy Cyclostratigraphy and Astrochronology of a Triassic-Jurassic Boundary Section from Csõvár, Hungary Zsolt Vallner, Emma Blanka Kovács, Attila Demény, Ferenc Móricz, Norbert Zajzon, József Pálfy The Integrated Uppermost Torcian Biostratigraphic Section in the Minett Biosphere Unesco, Southwestern Luxembourg Andrea Di Cencio, Robert Weis
11.10 Extensive Anoxia After The End-Triassic Mass Extinction: Uranium Isotope Evidence from the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary Section at Csõvár Anna Somlyay, László Palcsu, Gabriella Ilona Kiss, Matthew O. Clarkson, Emma Blanka Kovács, Zsolt Vallner, Norbert Zajzon, József Pálfy A New Combined High-Resolution Jurassic C-isotope Chemo- and Biostratographic Correlation from Northern Switzerland Stephan Wohlwend, Susanne Feist-Burkhardt, Bernhard Hostettler, Ursula Menkveld-Gfeller, Hansruedi Bläsi, Stefano M. Bernasconi, Gaudenz Deplazes
11.30 Multiproxy Evidence for Unsteady Palaeoenvironmental Conditions During the Aalenian Alicia Fantasia, Emanuela Mattioli, Thierry Adatte, Jorge E. Spangenberg, Enrique Bernárdez, Jorge Ferreira, Nicolas Thibault, François Nicolas Krencker, Stéphane Bodin Belemnites and Calcareous Nannofossils from the North Bohemia Reveal Prolonged Jurassic Sedimentation in Central Europe Jan Geist, Katarina Holcová, Lucie Vaňková, Martin Mazuch, Martin Košták
    Jurassic ammonites and biostratigraphy - (Barnabás Géczy Memorial Session) - MERCURE Chair: András Galácz, Andrzej Wierzbowski
11.50 Carbon Cycle Record at the Early–Middle Oxfordian Transition: New Insight from the Paris Basin Pierre Pellenard, Justine Blondet, Chloé Morales, Philippe Landrein, Johann Schnyder, François Baudin, Anne-lise Santoni, Ludovic Bruneau Ammonoid Biostratigraphy of a New Lower Jurassic Locality From the Death Valley National Park (California, USA) Zsófia Horváth-Kostka, Matthew Ferlicchi, Vincent Santucci, József Pálfy
12.10 Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Variation in the Early Jurassic Ocean Gregory Price New Results on the Stratigraphy of the Arietenkalk Formation (Sinemurian, SW Germany) Armin Scherzinger, Günter Schweigert
12.30 Lunch
  Science outcomes of the JET project - PANORAMA Chair: Steve Hesselbo, Kevin Page, Micha Ruhl  
14.00 Enhanced Global Weathering in Response to Central Atlantic Magmatic Province Across the Triassic–Jurassic Transition Weimu Xu, Giorgia Ballabio, Danny Hnatyshin, David van Acken Oxynotum Zone (Upper Sinemurian) of Asturian and Lusitanian Basins, Iberian Peninsula: Ammonoid Succession and Correlation Íñigo Vitón, María J. Comas-Rengifo, Luís V. Duarte, Antonio Goy
14.20 Towards a High Resolution and Genuinely ‘Standard’ Chronozonation for the Hettangian Stage Kevin N. Page Pliensbachian (Early Jurassic) Ammonoids from the Kuruma Group Around Mt. Kikuishi in Itoigawa, Niigata, Central Japan Atsushi Matsuoka, Kentaro Nakada
14.40 Seawater Re-Os Oscilattions During the Early Jurassic Sinemurian-Pliensbachian Boundary Giorgia Ballabio, Weimu Xu, Danny Hnatyshin, David van Acken Toarcian Ammonites from the Central High Atlas (Morocco) Mohamed Benzaggagh, Hanane Khaffou, Mariusz A. Salamon, Touria Hssaida, Mohamed El Ouali, Badre Essafraoui
15.00 Insights into the Early Jurassic Carbon-Cycle, Paleoenvironment and Climate Using Algal-Derived Biomarker pCO2 Reconstructions Marisa S. Storm, Luís V. Duarte, Stuart A. Robinson, Stephen P. Hesselbo, Stefan Schouten, Marcel T.J. van der Meer Chronostratigraphic Overview of the Toarcian (Early Jurassic) Ammonite Fauna from the Mecsek Mts (SW Hungary) Zoltán Kovács, Zsófia Horváth-Kostka, Tamás Müller, József Pálfy
15.20 Coffee break  
15.50 The Record of Early Jurassic Organic Matter Preservation Intervals (Ompi) in the Central and North Atlantic Conjugate Margins Ricardo L. Silva, Luís V. Duarte, Grant D. Wach, Micha Ruhl, Bruno Rodrigues, Driss Sadki, Juan J. Gómez, Stephen P. Hesselbo, Weimu Xu, João G. Mendonça Filho Boreal and Tethyan Cephalopod Faunas at the Aalenian/bajocian Boundary (Middle Jurassic): Examples from Southern Luxembourg and the Atlas Mountains, Morocco Driss Sadki, Robert Weis
16.10 Ichnology, Sedimentology, and Orbital Cycles in the Hemipelagic Early Jurassic Laurasian Seaway (Toarcian, Cardigan Bay Basin, UK) Grzegorz Pieńkowski, Alfred Uchman, Krzysztof Ninard, Stephen P. Hesselbo The Ammonites of the Keppleri Horizon (Basal Callovian, Middle Jurassic) of Albstadt-Pfeffingen (Swabian Alb, Germany) Gerd Dietl, Eckhard Mönnig, Günter Schweigert
16.30 Grain size as a key to understanding palaeoenvironmental parameters in Jurassic sedimentary rocks Mengjie Jiang, Stephen P. Hesselbo, Clemens V. Ullmann, Kate Littler Worldwide Correlation of the Base of the Oxfordian Stage and Upper Jurassic Using Ammonoidea Kevin N. Page, John K. Wright
16.50 Sea Level Changes and Palaeogeographical Controls on the Evolutionary Development of Aulacostephanid Ammonites Andrzej Wierzbowski
17.10 New Tithonian Biostratigraphic Data from the Neuquén Basin, Argentine Andes: A Contribution from the Southern Hemisphere Marina Lescano, Verónica Vennari, Rafael López-Martínez, Andrea Concheyro, Beatriz Aguirre-Urreta, Pierre Pellenard, Mathieu Martinez
17.30 Presentation of the newly published monograph "Fauna, biostratigraphy, facies and paleotectonic evolution of the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous formations in the Bakony Mountains (Transdanubian Range, Hungary) István Főzy

FRIDAY, 2 September  
  The Jurassic-Cretaceous Boundary - PANORAMA Chair: Jacek Grabowski, Ottilia Szives Jurassic Geoheritage - MERCURE Chair: Kevin Page, Günter Schweigert
9.40 Where Should the Jurassic System End? Jacek Grabowski, Beatriz Aguirre-Urreta, Jean-Francois Deconinck, Elisabetta Erba, Camille Frau, Gang Li, Mathieu Martinez, Atsushi Matsuoka, Jozef Michalik, Joerg Mutterlose, Gregory Price, Daniela Reháková, Mark D. Schmitz, Peter Schnabl, Ottilia Szives, Andrzej Wierzbowski Contrasting Approaches to the Conservation of Jurassic Palaeontological Heritage and Sites and its Consequences for Jurassic Science Kevin N. Page
10.00 The Jurassic/cretaceous Transition: New Ammonite Data from Ammonitico Rosso/Biancone Sections of the Bakony Mountains (Transdanubian Range, Hungary) and a Proposal for the Mediterranean Ammonite Zonal Scheme Ottilia Szives, István Főzy Geoheritage in the Minett Unesco Biosphere (Southern Luxembourg): Inventory, Evaluation, and Conservation Aspects of Representative Geosites Robert Weis
10.20 Coffee Break
10.50 The Jurassic/Cretaceous Boundary in Terms of Radiolarians from the Sümeg Area (Transdanubian Range, Hungary) Péter Ozsvárt, János Haas, László Makádi How to Use Social Media to Promote Geoscience and Conservation Emma M. Cieslak-Jones, Kevin N. Page
    Terrestrial life in the Jurassic - MERCURE Chair: Grzegorz Pieńkowski, Vivi Vajda
11.10 Paleoenvironmental Study of the Jurassic–Cretaceous Boundary Interval in the Transdanubian Range (Hungary) Damian Gerard Lodowski, Ottilia Szives, Attila Virág, István Főzy, Jacek Grabowski Plants from Jurassic Dinosaurs’ Coprolites from the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland Maria Barbacka, Grzegorz Pacyna, Jadwiga Ziaja
11.30 A Review of Jurassic-Cretaceous Transition Sequences in Japan Atsushi Matsuoka, Shin-Ichi Sano A World-Class Hettangian Tracksite from Poland – A New Light on the Early Evolution of Dinosaurs Grzegorz Pieńkowski, Grzegorz Niedźwiedzki
11.50 Carbon Cycle, Cyclostratigraphy and U-Pb Ages of the Tithonian from the Neuquen Basin, Argentina Pierre Pellenard, Mathieu Martinez, Aurelia Londero, Dylan Colon, Beatriz Aguirre-Urreta, Verónica Vennari, Marina Lescano, Rafael López Martínez, Johann Schnyder, Urs Schaltegger Taxonomy of the Toarcian Palaeoentomofauna Assemblage of Alderton Hill, Gloucestershire (UK) Emily J. Swaby, Angela L. Coe, Jörg Ansorge, Bryony Caswell, Scott Hayward, Luke Mander, Liadan Stevens, Aimee Mcardle
12.10 Ultrastructure of Calpionellid Loricae from the Jurassic/Cretaceous Boundary Jozef Michalík, Silviya Petrova, Jolanta Iwañczuk X-Ray Imaging of Beetle Borings (Dekosichnus Meniscatus) in Middle–Late Jurassic Araucarian Conifer Wood from Argentina Stephen McLoughlin, Chris Mays
12.30 Closing ceremony
12.50 Lunch

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