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We are pleased to inform our participants that from 7 March 2022 all COVID-19 related sanitary and travel restrictions were withdrawn in Hungary.


Dear Colleagues,
Dear members of the Jurassic family!

It is a great pleasure to invite all of you to Hungary, for the next Jurassic congress this year. We are happy to announce that the 11th International Congress on the Jurassic System will take place from August 29 to September 2, 2022 in Budapest.

We have been through a time of uncertainty since the last congress in Mexico in 2018, as the pandemic resulted in the cancellation of many scientific meetings or forced to hold virtual conferences online. With the availability of vaccines and progress of vaccination campaigns, we are optimistic that 2022 will mark the safe return of in-person meetings that will bring us back to the familiar atmosphere of lecture rooms, coffee breaks and real field trips that we have missed for more than a year now. With a venue in Budapest, the Jurassic congress returns to Europe after 16 years on other continents, for the advantage of less travel for our Old World colleagues yet in hope of attracting a truly international crowd of delegates.

Our local Organizing Committee and the international Scientific Committee, with support from the International Subcommission on Jurassic Stratigraphy, will do their best to put together a program that reflects the diversity and excitement of Jurassic research themes and allows you to present and share your most recent results. A mid-conference field excursion will give all of you a glimpse of the Tethyan Jurassic stratigraphy in the Geological Garden of Tata, whereas you can also choose from a variety of multi-day pre- and post-congress field trips that showcase regional stratigraphy in different parts of Hungary with contrasting records of basin evolution.

Beyond the science, Budapest is a destination where rich architectural heritage and cultural scene await you. You can’t escape from geology as you may stroll by the Danube River that runs along a fault under spectacular cliffs, discover the underground treasures of caves in Mesozoic limestone of Buda Hills, or soak in the thermal water in one of the famous spas.

Mark it in your calendar and let’s have a Jurassic family reunion, in the heart of Europe.

See you in Budapest at the Jurassic 2022!

József Pálfy and István Főzy